Spectrum TV/Internet Survey Results.

The Board would like to thank all the Homeowners who participated in the Spectrum TV/Internet Survey.  The survey is now closed.

We had 43 out 53 homeowners respond to the survey request.

Question 1 – Should HLV HOA continue to provide community wide Spectrum TV/Internet service when existing contract expires?

100% of the responses were yes.  (42 responses)

1 person skipped the question

Click the link below for actual results.

Final Survey Monkey – Bulk Contract Question

Question 2 – If yes to Spectrum Contract renewal, what contract option should the HOA chose?

Option 1 – 90% responses for maintaining existing service (36 Responses)

Option 2 – 2.5% responses for changing Spectrum service (1 Response)

Option 3 – 7.5% responses for internet streaming service (3 Responses)

Individual Homeowner contract – No responses

3 people skipped this question.

Click the link below for actual results.

Survey Monkey – What Option Preferred.

The board will add this item to the August board meeting for path forward.

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