Six Alligators in the HLV Lake


Please be aware there are currently six alligators in and around the lake this afternoon.   Waccamaw Management has been made aware of the situation.  They are having a person come out to try and remove the largest ones.

A couple of points to remember:

  • Please keep garage doors closed when not in used.
  • Be aware of your surroundings especially after dark.
  • If you have quests, remember there is NO fishing in the lake
  • Please keep pets inside or on a leash when outdoors
  • Do NOT approach any of the alligators

HLV Board of Directors

Soft Wash Starts Tomorrow (2/26/2024), Window Washing Update


Soft washing will begin tomorrow Monday (2/26/2024). The project is expected to last a week depending on weather.  If you have a Screened In Porch, please bring in your cushions.

If you want your patio’s or driveways power washed, checks must be in by Monday morning to Cathy Schmidt!


On Tuesday, March 12th window washers will be here for those that want to have their windows cleaned.  We are doing it early this year since the soft wash done next week leaves streaks on the windows (we are doing the soft wash now before the growing season begins).  If you prefer, you can wait until after pollen season is over to have your windows cleaned, but you must contact the company directly at:

Sara Bunting
Auxano Services
5 Smith Blvd
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588

Prices are as follows:


Outside only:  $100

Inside and outside : $160


Outside: $140

Inside and outside:  $200


$4 per screen – Count sections if you have a screen porch


$10 for each battery

please have correct number of batteries for the crew


$10 per filter- please have appropriate filters available



If you are not going to be home, please leave a key with a neighbor and indicate which house number has the key or that you have it placed under the door mat.

Please list all services you want done with your check.  Any special instructions, either speak with the crew when they arrive or leave a note if you are not at home.

If you have any questions, please email Cathy Schmidt at

Again this year the crew will not have access to the roof, so the outside of the window by the living room shelf will not be washed

Soft Wash of Buildings and Walls Beginning February 26th


We will be starting the cleaning of the buildings and walls next Monday, Feb 26th.

There is also the option for you to have your driveway or driveway and back patio “power washed”.   The driveway would be $150 and the driveway and back patio is $200.  For the patio, you must remove furniture before they arrive.  If you are interested, please drop off a check prior to Monday made out to John Rossotto Pressure Washing and leave it in the bag on my door at 513 Huntington Lake Circle.

Sue Patrick will be filling in this spring for Marian handling the window washing.  Information on that will follow shortly.

Thank you,

Cathy Schmidt

Exterior Construction and Pool Plastering Projects Completed

HLV Homeowners

The Exterior Construction project has been officially completed this month.  Going forward all future warranty or repair claims will be handled directly through the management company and MD Roofing.  Bruce Pennamped and Phil Bath are officially retired.

The Pool Plastering project was completed this week.  We have identified a couple of minor issues that we are actively working on with the contractor.  It will take 30 days for the plaster to cure. Our pool maintainer is on board with the additional requirements to insure the plaster cures according to specifications.

HLV Board of Directors


Pool and Board Meeting Updates


A couple of items

(1) The completion of the replastering of the pool has been delayed until next week.  The Board of Directors and Pool Surgeons made the decision to delay the start of the replastering to next week due to the expected cold snap over the weekend.  The possibility of freezing weather could impact the curing of the plaster.

(2) The Board of Directors meeting scheduled for next Thursday, January 25th has been rescheduled for Thursday, February 8th from 9am to 11am at the Amenity Center.  The delay was caused by unforeseen circumstances.

Board of Directors


1/12/24 – Update to The Reserve HOA Actions addressing Door Bell Ringing

HLV Homeowners

The Reserve HOA has implemented corrective action with Allied Security to improve response to homeowners request for assistance from The Reserve guard personal.

The Reserve community as a whole is still experiencing incidents in regard to doorbell ringing and knocking on doors.  The Reserve HOA has engaged both Georgetown County Sheriff’s Department and Allied Security to help catch the perpetrators and put an end to this.

As a reminder, if you experience an incident like this, please call 911 and file a report and call security and let them know so they can also record the issue in the daily log. The guards will also call the LBTS Security Rover.

HLV Board of Directors

Thank You to Denise Bath and Tracy Mikuta for Volunteering

The HLV Board of Directors would like to thank Denise Bath and Tracy Mikuta for volunteering to support the board during 2024.  Denise has volunteered to assist with the pool.  Tracy has volunteered to assist with landscaping maintenance.  Any issues with the pool or landscaping should be directed to Surfside Realty to be handled by the Board of Directors.

Thank You Denise and Tracy!

Spectrum TV/Internet Survey Results.

The Board would like to thank all the Homeowners who participated in the Spectrum TV/Internet Survey.  The survey is now closed.

We had 43 out 53 homeowners respond to the survey request.

Question 1 – Should HLV HOA continue to provide community wide Spectrum TV/Internet service when existing contract expires?

100% of the responses were yes.  (42 responses)

1 person skipped the question

Click the link below for actual results.

Final Survey Monkey – Bulk Contract Question

Question 2 – If yes to Spectrum Contract renewal, what contract option should the HOA chose?

Option 1 – 90% responses for maintaining existing service (36 Responses)

Option 2 – 2.5% responses for changing Spectrum service (1 Response)

Option 3 – 7.5% responses for internet streaming service (3 Responses)

Individual Homeowner contract – No responses

3 people skipped this question.

Click the link below for actual results.

Survey Monkey – What Option Preferred.

The board will add this item to the August board meeting for path forward.

Spectrum TV/Internet Contract Renewal Survey Voting Ends July 5th

HLV Homeowners

Thank you to all the homeowners that have responded to the survey request.  We will be closing the survey on July 5th to additional voting.  Please take a minute to input your choice of service if you have not voted.  Everyone that has voted can ignore this message.  Again we appreciate the feedback received to date.

The Spectrum bulk contract expires the first quarter of 2024.  The HOA Board is requesting feedback from the community in maintaining a bulk contract relationship with Spectrum.  The cost of this service is included in your HLV HOA fees.  Spectrum has identified an individual homeowner’s contract is approximately twice that of the bulk contract. The bulk contract renewal for 2024 includes a 5 year contract period with built in yearly 5% increases for all alternatives.

The HLV HOA is utilizing Survey Monkey to gather homeowner feedback on whether we continue with the Spectrum Bulk contract.

If the community decides to continue with the bulk package, what level of service( TV, internet package) is the community interested in . Currently, our contract includes a cable modem and internet router for our service.  Internet Streaming is being offered as a stand alone service for the first time. Internet streaming eliminates the cable modem and requires the use of TVs with built in WIFI capability(Smart TV) or have a USB interface or a Fire Stick or ROKU device.

Spectrum has identified three options for renewal under the 2024 bulk contract.  (Click link to Current Spectrum Alternatives below).

Current Spectrum Contract Alternatives

Option 1 – Continue with existing contract service with an increase to 500 MBPS internet service.  Current Internet rate is 300 MBPS.

Option 2 – New cable modem service with Spectrum TV Essential lineup(Click link below for channel lineup) with 2 set top cable modems and increased internet speed 1Gbps.  No premium channels

TV Essentials Channel line up

Option 3 – New streaming service with Spectrum App and Spectrum TV Essential lineup and 1 Gbps internet speed.  No cable Modem or premium channels.

The Internet link below takes you to the survey.  Please take a minute to select your choices.

HLV 2024 Spectrum Bulk Contract Renewal Survey

HLV Board of Directors