Spectrum TV/Internet Contract Renewal Survey Voting Ends July 5th

HLV Homeowners

Thank you to all the homeowners that have responded to the survey request.  We will be closing the survey on July 5th to additional voting.  Please take a minute to input your choice of service if you have not voted.  Everyone that has voted can ignore this message.  Again we appreciate the feedback received to date.

The Spectrum bulk contract expires the first quarter of 2024.  The HOA Board is requesting feedback from the community in maintaining a bulk contract relationship with Spectrum.  The cost of this service is included in your HLV HOA fees.  Spectrum has identified an individual homeowner’s contract is approximately twice that of the bulk contract. The bulk contract renewal for 2024 includes a 5 year contract period with built in yearly 5% increases for all alternatives.

The HLV HOA is utilizing Survey Monkey to gather homeowner feedback on whether we continue with the Spectrum Bulk contract.

If the community decides to continue with the bulk package, what level of service( TV, internet package) is the community interested in . Currently, our contract includes a cable modem and internet router for our service.  Internet Streaming is being offered as a stand alone service for the first time. Internet streaming eliminates the cable modem and requires the use of TVs with built in WIFI capability(Smart TV) or have a USB interface or a Fire Stick or ROKU device.

Spectrum has identified three options for renewal under the 2024 bulk contract.  (Click link to Current Spectrum Alternatives below).

Current Spectrum Contract Alternatives

Option 1 – Continue with existing contract service with an increase to 500 MBPS internet service.  Current Internet rate is 300 MBPS.

Option 2 – New cable modem service with Spectrum TV Essential lineup(Click link below for channel lineup) with 2 set top cable modems and increased internet speed 1Gbps.  No premium channels

TV Essentials Channel line up

Option 3 – New streaming service with Spectrum App and Spectrum TV Essential lineup and 1 Gbps internet speed.  No cable Modem or premium channels.

The Internet link below takes you to the survey.  Please take a minute to select your choices.

HLV 2024 Spectrum Bulk Contract Renewal Survey

HLV Board of Directors




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