January 2023 Pool Update

Good morning everyone,

The board wants to provide you all with an update on our pool situation. The pool pump that was purchased about 3 years ago has failed again. If you will remember the electronic control assembly defaulted in June of 2021 after a year or so of usage. The assembly was replaced on warranty. The same part has failed again. Unfortunately, the warranty of just the part has expired. A new part has been ordered and we found out this week that it is expected to arrive sometime in the 120 day period. Until the pump we use is turned on there can be no cleaning other than some surface skimming.

The board chose last spring to purchase a new backup pump because of the previous issue. That new pump has been installed and will be used as the pool pump for the upcoming season. Once the older used pump is repaired, we will use that as our backup. You can count on the fact that we will be very cautious before we ever purchase this brand of pump again.

In addition, we have been observing the loss of water during these cold months. A leak analysis and pressure testing process were conducted, and we appear to have a leak of the piping around the outside of the pool. This one is at the far end towards the gazebo. Within the next few weeks, the vendor will be here to repair the leak. This will comprise taking out about a 30 inch square of concrete, repairing the leak, filling back with sand and dirt, pouring new concrete, coating with our texture product look, and repainting. This will take portions of 3 to 4 days. There will always be some sort of a scar look afterwards, however minimal it is.

Once the pool is repaired, we will refill with water, initiate running the pump and get the pool cleaned up and ready for the season starting in April. It was quite a blessing that the leak happened and was identified during the off season.

Again, just an update for you. If you should have any questions just reach out to me.

Tom Duerr


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