HLV Landscaping Update May 2023

We are moving forward with the Sego, Pindo and hedge trimming project. Obviously, this is a big undertaking and will take a few weeks to complete.

In the Fall we will cut the hedges at the pool back away from the fence as we need to look at paint and maintenance issues on the fence.

The palms will be trimmed in late July or early August once all the shoots have grown out. In the meantime if you have fronds on your house let me know and we will get them cut back.

The sod which died out over the Winter in the areas from which the Maples were removed around the lake will be replaced at no charge to HLV. Starwood’s work is warrantied for a year.

The Yaupon Hollies which are dead that Starwood planted will be replaced under warranty. I am looking at other Yaupons which need to be replaced and will develop a plan to deal with that.

We are going to do some planting in the next couple of weeks to block the view of the pump room and side doors.

Starwood will continue to spot treat weeds in the beds. Starwood has applied two applications of pre-emergent and one of fertilizer. The second application of the Torpedo grass chemical will occur in the next week or so. The first application results were encouraging. Fungicide will be applied next. All of this work is complicated by thatch buildup which we have no effective way to deal with. Starwood uses mulching mowers which shouldn’t materially contribute to the accumulated thatch build up.

The clumps of white “grass” which have gone to seed you see around are Poa Annua a grassy weed which will die down with the summer heat but is obviously unsightly. In an effort to control this weed and minimize the others which germinate over the winter we will apply a Fall pre-emergent.

Starwood is of the view we can help with weed control and fungus development by cutting back on the irrigation schedule to 2 days a week which will happen next week. Obviously, that will need to be adjusted as the Summer heats up. The added benefit here is that the muck should dry out. The responsibility to deal with whatever irrigation beyond that provided which you think is needed is yours.

Long term the goal is to get the weeds under control and develop a plan to cause what turf we have to spread. Some areas are beyond hope and we will have to look at options.  Over the summer, we will get the county extension agent here to see what his thoughts are. I previously talked to a golf course turf consultant. The cost of developing a plan through the consultant is prohibitive.

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