HLV Grounds and Work Schedule

HLV Owners: Starwood’s morning start time in HLV is consistent with that at which it starts work in the Reserve. As the relationship progresses we will get regular service days each week.

Following is the work you can expect to see in the next four weeks. The timing is of course is subject to change as a result of weather conditions:

  1. turf fertilization and chemical weed control application. Weed control will be a perpetual problem. The turf weeds and torpedo grass took years to establish, weren’t effectively treated, and will require years to control. Given the weed density once control is established there may be bare spots in the turf we will have to deal with. Torpedo grass is very invasive and will continue to spread. The preferred chemical treatment, Drive, will not kill Torpedo grass and at best may only control its spread;
  2. palm trimming, front and rear, and Pindos;
  3. plant material trimming in common areas and confederate jasmine around front lamp posts;
  4. Original foundational plant material trimming in front and rear courtyards and Youpon hollies in beds in front and rear courtyards. To avoid confusion the trimming will not include ornamentals planted by owners; and,
  5. repair of tire rut damage to turf between 253 and 229 HLC.
  6. Clean up around the mailbox posts,  sign posts and base of live oaks.

The plant material pruning/trimming pattern in the past has not been good and has caused the material to be of odd configurations after trimming which may, or may not, be capable of correction. Additionally, the placement and types of plant material are not the best. In many areas the wrong plant was installed.

The common area plantings are being looked at as a part of a plan to deal with the junipers and layout of the beds between the front of walls and curbs. More on that later.

The Board has approved the following work not included in the Starwood base contract price:

  1. landscape fabric and rip rap in bare areas on either side of the walkway to Gazebo to stabilize the bank;
  2. planting oriental jasmine 2’ on center in the beds between the front courtyard walls and curbs at: 285, 421, 431, 443 and 529 HLC. The damage to the Jasmine bed at 453 HLC will be repaired at the time of the other plantings at the owners expense.
  3.  replacing dead yaupon hollies with 7 gallon yaupon plants between the driveways at: 8/17 CC, 2; and, 333/343 HLC, 1; 381/393 HLC, 5; 475/479 HLC, 2; 487/493 HLC, 7; 621/627 HLC, 1; 209/215 HLC, 1; and,223/229.

We may add more jasmine and/or hollies depending on deterioration in other beds between now and planting time; and,

  1. sodding the areas left bare by the stump grinding at the time the maples were cut down around the lake.
  2. we anticipate ordering a back up irrigation controller. We are waiting for a price. The Board felt it prudent given the supply chain issues and the complex programming required to have a back up on hand. We have a back up pump which was tested last winter.

We also have a back up pool pump.

The rip rap work will occur when the schedule permits. The sod will be laid and the plantings referenced at 8 and 9 will occur in early to mid September as it puts too much stress on new plant material to plant during the heat of July and August. Additionally, material obtained from the wholesaler during that time may not be as fresh.

Finally, as a reminder, all areas outside the walls are common areas and as such owners are not permitted to plant anything without Board approval on the basis of an Exterior Work Request form. The form is available on the website. Work done without approval is subject to removal at the owner’s expense.

If you have questions please call Bruce.

The Board of Directors.


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