Volunteers Needed to Support Amenity Center Storm Preparedness- Update

Thank you to Melissa Pennamped and Rich Tomchik for volunteering for this project.  As we head into hurricane season, anyone else who could help would be greatly appreciated.

HLV Board of Directors


The HLV Emergency Operations Plan has been updated on the Resources tab to address the need to protect the newly acquired Amenity Center pool furniture.  Charlie Enxuto has identified a configuration plan that allows us to store all the furniture within the Amenity Center’s rooms.  We need volunteers that would be responsible for moving this furniture in case of a storm.  Please contact a HLV board member, if you would like to help.

HLV Board of Directors

HLV Amenity Center Storm Plan

In preparedness for a predicted hurricane or major storm, we need to protect the newly acquired Pool furniture by moving them into the Amenities Center.

A committee of volunteers will need to:

  1. Move all chairs (20) inside the Exercise Room.
    1. Move the Rowing Machine to the north wall
    2. Place the chairs along the wall facing the pool
  2. Move the three Tables into the Exercise Room.
  3. Stack the eight Lounges in the men’s room.
  4. Move the older chairs to men’s room along with snack tables.
  5. Move the older table at the lake gazebo to the ladies’ room or upside down into pool.
  6. Remove the wall clock outside the Amenity Center and place inside the Exercise Room.




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