Letter from Anne Marie Hoyle Concerning Upcoming Reserve HOA Board Meeting

Below is an email sent to Harriette Fogarty concerning a dog incident in the The Reserve.  The Reserve HOA board meeting is Monday Jan. 9th at 10AM at the Litchfield Country Club with this issue being an agenda item.

This email is provided as an FYI to our community.





This is a copy of the letter Kimberley has sent to both Board and Waccamaw to be put on their agenda (expectation by us – decision making), for upcoming Board meeting – Held at Litchfield Country Club, Monday Jan 9th, 10am. All Board Meetings are open for anyone to attend.

Harriette, please feel free to share this with anyone in Huntington Lakes or beyond who might have an interest in this neighborhood happening. This is Not the 1st of such and unless enforcement of Rules and Covenants is applied, it will most likely Not be the last


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Subject: Fwd: email to HOA

Begin forwarded message:

To the HOA Board of Directors, The Reserve Community Pawleys a island, SC

I am the adult daughter of Anne Marie and Bill Hoyle and on Christmas Day at approximately 11:00 am my leashed and harnessed 8 year old golden retriever Hachi, was attacked by Walter Braecht’s Pit Bull. This took place on Preservation Circle, as We were walking on the other side of the street and we were at least one house away from the yard of the owner when he and his unleashed dog exited the vehicle in their yard.**  The dog saw us and immediately charged at us**. When it arrived to where we were located it attacked my dog. The owner had no voice control nor physical restraint over his dog. When he finally arrived at the scene of the attack, he was unable to gain control over his dog until there was significant physical damage done to my golden retriever. Finally, in the end, Mr. Braecht laid down on top his dog and “”commanded us to leave the scene of the attack””! Hachi was left unable to walk and I was left in a position to try and carry his 75 pound body the short distance I could to distance us from where the owner laid with his dog. Sadly, the distance wasn’t great and we were stranded, not far enough to be safe, and nowhere near my family’s home on Bald Cypress Court.  If not for the kindness of Brad and Dawn Harvey,  who stopped for us (total strangers)  on Christmas Day, I don’t know how or if we would have escaped without more injuries. Brad carried Hachi into his vehicle and drove  us home while his wife helped Mr. Braecht retrieve a leash in the house for his dog!!. We spent the rest of our Christmas at the emergency vet in Myrtle Beach and then left at 5pm, upon our return to my parents home to drive 6 hours back to our home in Atlanta so Hachi could be seen by his own veterinarian.

My dog sustained more than 16 puncture wounds with extensive bites to his ears, neck, shoulder and front leg. He was unable to walk after the attack to his left front leg. I was bitten on my right hand by Mr. Braecht’s dog during the attack and the bite penetrated my skin. Hachi has been on medications for his wounds and has been restricted from activity while he heals. The pictures attached were taken days after the attack and do not reflect all of the injuries Hachi sustained.

There is absolutely no excuse for what occurred. I have filed a police report with Georgetown County and we have filed a report with DHEC as well. And now the HOA has been provided notice both by my parents/ the home owners, and by me. This was a severe attack which must be addressed by the HOA in addition to whatever may happen with Georgetown County or within a court of law. There is no longer a question of whether this dog is under its owners control; it is not. Nor is there any question about whether the dog is aggressive; it is. The dog attacked an 8 year old golden retriever who was leashed and harnessed, across the street and one property away, and without any verbal exchange with the owner such as “Merry Christmas” to solicit the attention of this Pit Bull. It simply charged at us with the owner screaming “she’s friendly” and the dog then proceeded to attack Hachi.

The attack Hachi and I endured on Christmas Day is an opportunity, borne at our physical expense, for the HOA to make meaningful changes that will protect its community and their guests. I trust it will not be in vain!

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