HLV Board of Directors Election

HLV Owners: The terms of Tom Duerr, Chris Hopmann and Phil Bath end at the conclusion of the 2022 annual meeting. My term and that of Rob expire at the conclusion of the annual meeting in 2023.


Tom and Chris have agreed to stand for re-election for another two (2) year term. Phil has elected not to run again. Phil will continue to serve with me on the exterior construction work committee until that project is complete. Phil will also work with me on grounds and irrigation issues.


If you are not a Board member and are interested in standing for election to the Board please let me know by reply to this email. bmp253hlv@gmail.com The three (3) individuals who receive the highest vote count will be elected.  In the reply please state your career background, your goals in service to the Board and community; and, the area of the Boards business in which you would like to work. The reply will be distributed to the owners and your name included on the Proxy.


Given the distribution logistics for the annual meeting material in order to be on the proxy I must be in receipt of you reply not later than September  5, 2022. If I do not receive your reply by the 5th your name will not be on the Proxy.


Thank you,


As President

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